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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Rewarding the Globe,
One App at a Time

RewardDrop Software is a technology incubator specializing in the development of geolocation-based mobile apps. Our passion is bringing innovative concepts to market and creating meaningful, rewarding experiences for consumers and businesses alike.


Personalized Mobile
Event Discovery

Swiipe gathers events from the hottest online sources to help our users discover local events that matter to them. Users swipe event cards to show their interest, fill up their calendar and potentially connect with like-minded users for friends or more.


Turnkey App
Development Solutions

RewardDrop is a full-service software engineering company that understands not only how to build world-class mobile apps, but how to market and prepare for success. We can bring your idea to life, support your next big launch, or take over an existing project.


Discover. Shop.

CatchCoin's vision is to change the way retailers, venues and events market to their customers and to become the recognized leader in innovative marketing and consumer rewards. The CatchCoin platform is positioned to become the leading and trusted application in generating foot traffic for retail and location-based businesses.


Gamified Dating
& So Much More

The upcoming Sweetr 2.0 brings a fun, new format to online dating where users show interest in traits and personality before seeing photos. This gamified model, alongside a host of innovative features, brings intention and accountability for those seeking deeper and lasting connections.